Getting To Penang Hill East Course Site

Where to meet | Driving to Meeting Place | Public Transport to Meeting Place | Taxi Service

Location to meet for shuttle service to course site

On the day the course starts, please meet at the bus stop (2/B/JPDT03) near the low cost apartment numbered 143 after PBA of Jalan Padang Tembak (Rifle Range Road where transportation up to the course site will be organised). The road to the site is narrow and has only one lane for both directions.

Please go to Google Maps and search for PHE Vipassana Meditation Meeting Place or refer to for the location of the meeting place and see directions below:

If you have a GPS, the coordinates of the meeting place are 5.409407, 100.292902 or DMS format +5o 24' 33.87", +100o 17' 34.45".

Transportation from the meeting place to the course site

If you have a GPS, the coordinates of the course site are 5.416N, 100.248E

  1. Drive up to the course site - Please let us know if you are willing to drive up to the course site. Please take note that the road to the course site is steep, winding and narrow and only one lane for both directions. The course site can only take a maximum of about 15 cars, we will coordinate and arrange car pool from meeting place to the course site.

  2. Hike up – You may also take the challenge to hike up to the course site. Walking up the steep hill should only be attempted if you are an experienced hiker or young and healthy. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the site, which is near stone 21 of trail 39. For hikers, please bring along your sport shoes. We can help with transporting your luggage if necessary. Please start early to ensure you have ample time to rest before the course starts.

  3. Shuttle service – We will provide shuttle service (by volunteers) from meeting place to course site. If you wish to take the shuttle service, please arrive at the meeting place punctually at:
    • 10:00 a.m. (Servers)
    • 1:30 p.m. (Students)
    (For 1-day courses the shuttle service will be at 8:15 a.m.)

For more information on getting to the course site, please contact 012-4203321.

If you are driving to the meeting place

Public transport to meeting place

Taxi Service

You may pre-arrange with the taxi driver to pick you up when you arrive in Penang at:

You are reminded to make appropriate arrangement to reach the meeting place before the meeting schedule. Please contact the Penang Hill East should you require any further assistance. Please note that the taxi drivers do not have any connection with Penang Hill East. Penang Hill East will not be responsible for services provided by them.